Orchid Will suit Your Home

Orchid Will suit Your Home

Orchid Will suit Your Home

Orchid Will suit Your Home

Know Which Type of Orchid Will suit Your Home


Orchids are a well loved plant for many gardeners the world over whether you decide to grow them indoors or outdoors. These peaceful plants can speak volumes about themselves through their beautiful blooms, and they also provide a natural balance of attracting wildlife of beautiful insects to your garden. It being truly important to know the characteristics and needs of the orchid before purchasing one for yourself, you should do some research on the general topic of orchids before making any purchase.


Many people have no idea what type of orchid to buy, a fact which proves to be quite annoying. Thankfully, you can now find knowledgeable staff at your local plant shops to guide you in your purchase of orchids. It always helps to know the basics about the type of orchid you plan to buy, so here we go.


Firstly, you must know the type of environment your orchid is likely to grow in. Would they do well in a warm, sunny room, or would they grow best in a room that is dark and cool? This is important as it is vital to know how to make the surroundings of your orchid comfortable for it to grow in. If you want to buy an orchid that is best suited for a tropical place or a room with bright natural light, read the label carefully. It should be the case if the orchid is suitable for the environment. Orchid Will suit Your Home Orchid Will suit Your Home Orchid Will suit Your Home


If you plan to grow your orchid in a cool room, make sure that it is away from ethylene producing products, as this gas is highly toxic to plants. Orchid Will suit Your Home Orchid Will suit Your Home


Orchids are temperamental plants, and can be sensitive to direct sunlight; try to place your orchid where it will not be in the sun for too long; it could be in a locationwith shade. You also need to be cautious if the orchid’s foliage will be exposed to direct sunlight, as this can cause the orchid to burn.


If you want to buy orchids that can be grown in places with a temperature that can be fluctuated, you will need to buy the suitable plants. Once you have educated yourself on the characteristics of the orchid you are planning to buy, look for plants that have a few buds near the base of the stem. This will ensure that the plant will root well regardless of the room temperature.


Choosing the right material for the pot is also important. Plastic or terra cotta pots tend to absorb water, something you don’t want to lose your valuable orchid soil to. Remember that the orchid soil is usually a mix of organic materials, and anything synthetic should be removed before you repot the plant.


Once you have the correct material, it is time to take care of the pot itself. If you are reusing an old pot, you need to make sure that the material is fresh and that the inside of the pot is clean. To prepare the pot, you need to remove the orchid from its pot, and clean off any dead roots.Spread out some paper towels on the work area, and soak the root system of the plant for a few minutes. Remove any damaged or diseased leaves, and dust all surfaces that will be exposed. Prepare the pot by adding new potting material, and making sure the mixture will allow the orchid to drain properly.


Choosing the right material for your orchid pot is important, and you will need to make sure the right size is selected if you want your orchid to stay in the pot for a long time. Often, orchids are sold in pieces like a bouquet, and only flower for a short time. Often, they are planted separately, and you don’t know what goes into the soil or what has gone into the soil. With proper care, you can repot your orchid in a huge pot, but this can also look messy, so put together in a smaller pot or repot into just one pot. If you don’t have any pots, you could use an aquarium with a few orchids in it.


With all the preparation complete, you can now choose the perfect pot for your beautiful orchid. Often, orchids are sold absolutely ready to be repotted, but you can often get them in pieces like a stem with a few branches left attached. You can now untangle the stem and form a nice little pot. Now put your orchid in the pot, and pour some water into the pot until it is just below the rim of the pot.


Now comes the touch of elegance. Put decorative pots, potting benches, and wheelbarrows around the room. Place them in a spot where you can see them and enjoy them at a glance. However, make sure you schedule for some time for maintenance, so you don’t forget to water and fertilize them. Orchid Will suit Your HomeOrchid Will suit Your HomeOrchid Will suit Your HomeOrchid Will suit Your Home

Orchid Will suit Your Home